Marble in Tyler, TX

In our Tyler showroom, we carry marble. Marble is becoming a popular choice of our local interior designers so we like to keep the white and grey basics in stock. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our 30,000 sq ft showroom, we can travel to Dallas and handpick the perfect material for you. 

Our Services

Our services at Foxy include solid surface countertops, in-house fabrication, and our own installers for the installation. And of course, our large and beautiful collection of granite, marble and quartz slabs.

Marble countertops and fireplace facades. Dolomite kitchen islands and bathroom vanities.

Our marble collection changes often because we are always getting in new shipments. Stop by our showroom in Tyler, TX to see what marble and dolomite we have.
Our experts will educate you on marble care and make a recommendation to you regarding whether or not a true Italian marble is right for you.
Marble is almost always fine in master baths and powder rooms, but it’s not recommended for those who cook alot (or drink red wine alot!) A hard marble, or dolomite, contains more granite therefore it can withstand a messy cook.
Come visit us at Foxy Granite & Marble in Tyler, today!

What is Marble?

Marble begins as limestone and through heat and pressure, it changes form and becomes what we call marble.
There is a cousin to Marble and it is called Dolomite. Dolomite is a natural stone that contains bits of granite, which makes dolomite more durable than marble and less likely to stain.

The best marble is sourced from huge quarries in Italy. True marble is long lasting and a great choice for bathrooms and fireplace facades.

Marble is a porous stone, therefore we apply a good sealant to all of our pieces and we recommend that you seal your marble once a year. The marble sealing process is just as easy as wiping down your countertops with a cloth. We will consult with you as to how to seal your marble counter tops so don’t worry!

Come check out our beautiful collection of stone in our Tyler, Texas showroom near the Cotton Belt.